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Summer hair


We know for sure this will be one of the most unique summers we would ever experience with COVID-19 being in our midst. 

We have strived to make everything or almost everything around us work just okay for us. 

We may not be able to hit the beach, go for our road trips with our sun-tanned faces, and if we did, social distancing will be staring us in the face! Yet, we are still bound to look and feel great. Looking great by slaying some hairstyles while staying  put or social distancing!


Rocking the "Cher Hair"

It is in all of us to keep it simple and yet fabulous! The "Cher" hair is all about long and voluminous texture swaying left and right from ear to ear! Rocking this hairstyle for summer this time around, can indeed add some smile and sunshine in the midst of all COVID-19 chaos




Slay with the "Short Mid-Length" Hair

Summer is always an opportunity to be all glammed up and yet feel comfortable. The back and forth running errands in the midst of wearing masks can interfere with the style of hair you have on. That is why the " short-mid-length" hair offers you the greatest flexibility and comfort especially on those tedious errands. Slay it with bouncy textures; a great way to still look fabulous! For added glam, add some highlights to your human hair wigs!


Slay the "Easy-Breezy" Hair

We all know we have those days we just want to be in and out and care less about being all glammed up! Yet, we can always fall back on those "easy-breezy" hairstyles that make us feel unique and "classy" after all, without all the added high maintenance especially for that walk in the park, grocery shopping, hiking up the mountain or basking in the sun at your deck! Covid 19 has had its way with us, and we sure know how to relieve that stress by keeping ourselves up-to-date as well us look pretty cool. Go ahead and rock this look for the rest of your summer!!